Pelosi on COVID-19 Relief Impasse: ‘We Have a Vast Difference in Our Values,’ ‘It’s a Chasm’

By Craig Bannister | August 12, 2020 | 4:47pm EDT
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
(Getty Images/Alex Wong)

“Because we have a vast difference in our values,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) responded in an interview Wednesday when asked why negotiations have broken down between Democrats and Republicans regarding the next COVID-19 relief bill.

“Commentators say to me: ‘Why can't you resolve your differences?’ Because we're miles apart,” Pelosi told MSNBC’s Craig Melvin when he asked her to explain the impasse.

“It’s a chasm, because they do not share our values,” Pelosi repeated, claiming that Republicans don’t believe in either science or governance. She also voiced frustration that people ask her why the two parties can’t resolve their differences:

“There's a big difference, and it doesn't help when people say, ‘How come you can't resolve your differences?’  It's a chasm, because they do not share our values.  They don't believe in science.  They don't believe in governance.”

Republicans’ disbelief in governance and science has left their party disorganized and in disarray, Pelosi said.

“So, we are unified, House and Senate Democrats for the children, for the people, and they are disorganized, in disarray and do not believe in governance or science.”

Pelosi attributed the relief effort’s “chasm” to Republicans’ refusal to meet her funding demands for social programs, bailing out insolvent states and combating what she called “a horrible and quantifiable” disparity in the impact of the coronavirus on “communities of color.”

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