Pew: 58% Favor, 17% Oppose, Laws Requiring Trans Athletes to Compete on Teams of Their Biological Sex

By Craig Bannister | June 29, 2022 | 11:04am EDT
Transgender Athlete Maria Gomez

Only about one is six U.S. adults oppose laws that require transgender athletes to compete on teams that match their biological sex, a new Pew Research Center survey finds.

In the national survey of U.S. adults, conducted May 16-22, Pew asked respondents how they felt about laws that “Require that transgender athletes compete on teams that match the sex they were assigned at birth, not the gender they identify with.”

While 58% said they either “Strongly Favor” (41%) or “Favor” (17%) requiring transgender athletes to compete against others of the same birth-sex, just 17% were opposed. Eight percent (8%) “strongly” opposed such laws and 9% were opposed, but less so.

Twenty-four percent (24%) neither favor nor oppose laws requiring transgender athletes to compete on teams of their birth-sex.

While opinions differed greatly by political affiliation, even about four in ten (37%) Democrats said they approve of making transgender athletes stick with teams of their biological, birth sex. Among Republicans, nearly nine of ten (85%) said they support such laws.

The issue has become a topic of passionate, national debate, as female transgender athletes (born male) have begun winning events, and setting records, competing in women’s sports, because they choose to “identify” as females.

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