Ratcliffe: Biden Admin. Didn’t Think Musk Was Nat. Security Threat When It Gave Him Our ‘Most Sensitive Technologies,’ Billions

Craig Bannister | November 15, 2022 | 1:10pm EST
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"Unfiltered" Host Dan Bongino (L) interviews former DNI John Ratcliffe.(Screenshot)

“It has nothing to do with national security,” former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe says of President Joe Biden’s call for Elon Musk to be investigated as a national security threat because the billionaire owner of SpaceX acquired Twitter.

“Whether or not he is doing anything inappropriate, I’m not suggesting that. I’m suggesting that it’s worth being looked at,” President Biden said last week, when asked by a reporter if Musk should be investigated as a national security threat now that he has purchased Twitter.

“What the hell’s going on here?” Host Dan Bongino asked Ratcliffe in an interview Saturday on “Unfiltered,” noting that, in America, “We don’t investigate people in search of crimes; we investigate crimes in search of people.”

“That’s absolutely right, Dan. And, you’re right: I do have an informed view on this,” the former Director of National Intelligence for the Trump Administration agreed. “This is clearly personal. This is clearly political. It has absolutely nothing to do with national security.”

“And, it does have everything to do with weaponizing the national security apparatus for political reasons,” Ratcliffe said, explaining that the Biden Administration has shared some of the nation’s most sensitive technologies with Musk and given him billions of dollars of contracts over the past year:

“The reason I say that Dan is, in addition to Twitter, Elon Musk owns a company called SpaceX. And, SpaceX has massive contracts with the U.S. government, where we share our most sensitive technologies in space.”

“Elon Musk wasn’t a national security threat then,” Ratcliffe said. “He only became a national security threat when he purchased Twitter and promised to deliver free speech and eliminate censorship from one political party to another. That is dishonest.”

“The answer completely changed based on the politics and the approach to Elon Musk,” Host Dan Bongino concurred.

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