Report: Dem Operatives Running Propaganda Websites Posing as Local-News Outlets in Key Swing States

Craig Bannister | October 7, 2022 | 3:44pm EDT
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(Getty Images/Mauro Pimentel)

“Another sleazy dirty trick by the Democrats,” Mark Levin tweeted Friday, commenting on a new investigative report revealing that websites posing as local-news outlets are being used by prominent Democrat operatives to pump out propaganda to influence swing-state voters.

Axios reports that it has uncovered a network of at least 51 locally-branded news sites – with names like “Milwaukee Metro Times,” the “Mecklenburg Herald” and the “Tri-State Record” – using a template to post left-wing political propaganda, disguised as non-partisan news.

Each website, run by a company called Local Report, Inc., acknowledges connection to a Washington-based progressive news outlet, The American Independent, and funding from an “opposition research-focused Democrat Super PAC,” American Bridge, Axios reports.

Local Report, Inc. has been criticized for “misrepresenting others' reporting in order to cast political opponents in a negative light,” while The American Independent was spawned by famed Democrat operative and fundraiser David Brock, founder of leftist watchdog Media Matters, the investigative report discovered.

The sites, which began appearing at the end of last year, intersperse biased political pieces with content about largely-apolitical topics, such as sports, in states considered to be swing-states in November’s upcoming elections, Axios reports.


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