Reporter: ‘Another Day of Grotesque Hypocrisy’ at World Economic Forum - Guns, Jets, Helicopters, Extreme Privacy

Craig Bannister | May 24, 2022 | 10:49am EDT
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Sophie Corcoran reports from World Economic Forum (Screenshot)

Elitist attendees at the World Economic Forum (WEF) are free of the very things they want to impose on others, British Journalist Sophie Corcoran reports from Davos, Switzerland.

“Day 2 in DAVOS, another day of grotesque hypocrisy,” Davos reports, noting that the “climate preachers” flew in on their private jets and helicopters, despite insisting that other people shouldn’t even be allowed to drive cars.

And, while they’re meeting to promote increased surveillance of average citizens, the attendees are cloaked in privacy, safe from public scrutiny.



What’s more, armed police are being employed to protect the very attendees who seek to take, and keep, guns from others, Corcoran reports in a video-tweet from the WEF posted on Monday:

“Day 2 in DAVOS, another day of grotesque hypocrisy. Private jets and heli rides for the climate preachers. extreme privacy for those who want to increased surveillance. Armed police to protect an organisation against gun control.”

“Ordinary people are having to change our lifestyles and give more money to the government in order to offset the carbon footprint from the elites, it’s sickening,” Corcoran tweeted Tuesday, noting that, as the WEF attendees are plotting to institute a global tax to impoverish others, they appear to be gobbling up luxurious items, like Rolex watches:

“Our team spoke to the Rolex store in davos on the promenade who said that they have sold loads of Rolex watches, so they’re discussing how they want to make a global tax and put us in poverty with their green Agenda, they’re buying their Rolex’s”

“The elites who want us to have digital ID, increased surveillance and want to watch our every move, want immense privacy for themselves and have no accountability. Hypocrites,” Corcoran tweeted.

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