Rev. Graham Warns of Global Police State, Praises Pastor Who Threw COVID Cops Out of Church

By Craig Bannister | April 7, 2021 | 1:07pm EDT
Rev. Franklin Graham
(Getty Images/Logan Cyrus/AFP)

“I don’t know who this pastor is, but I kinda like him!” Reverend Franklin Graham says, praising the Canadian minister who verbally ousted police trying to shut down his service on Saturday.

“I appreciate his boldness and tenacity in standing up for the rights of his church when police showed up without a search warrant. You can watch his cell phone video here,” Rev. Graham tweeted Monday, linking to a Fox News report describing how Calgary Street Church Pastor Artur Pawlowski took on police trying to use coronavirus guidelines to put an end to an in-progress religious service.

"Get out of this property immediately," Pastor Pawlowski screams at the officers in the now-viral video, calling them “Nazis” and “Gestapo.” "Nazis are not welcome here!" he rebukes the officers as they retreat from his church.

In his next post, Rev. Graham says that the incident serves as an example of how the coronavirus could be used as an excuse to “turn the entire world into a police state.”

If people aren’t vigilant in their efforts to protect their rights and freedoms, they will lose them, just as they have in the past, Rev. Graham warns:

“If we’re not careful, the coronavirus pandemic could turn the entire world into a police state. I'm not saying we should break the law, but I'm saying that we must be careful to defend our rights and our freedoms—or we will lose them. We have seen this happen throughout history.”


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