Senator: Obama Trying 'To Pull Off The Largest Wealth Redistribution In History' Via Emissions Regs

By Craig Bannister | February 29, 2012 | 3:59pm EST

In an exclusive interview, Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) explains how Pres. Obama is using emissions regulations to "pull off the largest wealth redistribution in history."

If Obama and the Democrats get their way, the cost to Americans will be $300 billion - ten times more than the greatest tax increase in recent history, Sen. Inhofe says.

These regulations will also expand the size of government, since the EPA says it'll need to hire 230,000 more employees to enforce the regulations, Sen. Inhofe notes.

In the interview, Sen. Inhofe shares insights and highlights from his new book, "The Greatest Hoax: How The Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future."

Sen. James Inhofe: “Now, if you stop and think about the cost of, of cap and trade - that’s what we’re talking about today - because they’re trying to do it through it regulation.”

“That is ten times greater than the other greatest tax increase in recent history: the Clinton-Gore tax increase of 1993.  That was a $32 billion tax increase.  This would be over a $300 billion dollar.”

“Right Views” Editor Craig Bannister: “Now, is this part of, one of your comments, your thesis in the book that, you say “Obama and his allies in Congress are still determined to use global warming to pull off the largest wealth redistribution in history?”

Sen. Inhofe: “Exactly!  Because that’s what it is.”

“If you’re talking about either cap and trade or sustainable development - that’s what the United Nations came up with, and that’s what they’ve been using all this time and they’re of course the founders of this thing.  That would be - it is redistribution of wealth between individuals and between countries, primarily between countries.”

“Because, what they have determined and they’re having a meeting and that’s why this is so timely right now – in Rio, they’re having the Rio-plus-twenty-years meeting that’s taking place three months from now.  And, in that meeting we know exactly what they’re going to try to do - they’re, in fact we have it down in writing.”

“They said we need to chart a new, more sustainable course for the future: one that strengthens equality and economic growth while protecting our planet.  That’s what they’ve been trying to do; that’s what cap and trade was all about.  And how do they do that - they do it through regulating emissions.”

Bannister: “So, then, how is the average American’s wealth being redistributed by this policy?”

Sen. Inhofe: “You know, it’s really hard to say because it depends on the industry that you are in.  Right now, the EPA has admitted that through regulations they’re going to have to hire an additional two-hundred and thirty thousand people to regulate the emissions.”

“Now, it would depend on what industry you’re in as to the level that they would be - that they would be regulated so we don’t know how that would affect different ones.”

Bannister: “But, it also sounds like a redistribution of freedoms.”

Sen. Inhofe: “Well, it is.  It is because that’s what the economy is all about.  It’s a redistribution of our lifestyles and of everything that’s going on in the world today.”

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