Tax-Funded Seattle Homeless Shelter Handing Out ‘Booty Bumping Kits’ for Addicts to Inject Drugs Rectally

Craig Bannister | February 23, 2021 | 10:47am EST
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A tax-funded homeless shelter in Seattle, Washington is providing addicts with the technology to get a more intense, longer-lasting high with a method that won’t leave track marks.


“A homeless shelter uses Seattle city funds to feed an addicts deadly disease. Tax dollars are used to buy heroin pipes, syringes, and ‘booty bumping kits,’ which allow users to rectally inject drugs for a more intense high,” local KTTH radio Host Jason Rantz explains in a tweet posting video of his appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Seattle’s Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC) shelter is advertising its offerings by posting flyers, Rantz reports.

“The city is now funding a homeless shelter that is passing out heroin pipes and distributing so-called ‘booty bumping kits’ so that junkies can inject drugs rectally,” Fox News Host Tucker Carlson explained, introducing Rantz on his show.

“Well, when you teach addicts, who are already the hardest to get off the street a more efficient way to get high in a way that lasts longer, when you’re doing it with the so-called ‘booty bumping kit,’ all you’re doing is making it that much easier for them to stay addicted,” Rantz told Carlson.

Booty bumping kits, which are available upon request at the shelter’s front desk, provides a means of taking drugs without the use of needles, the KTTH website explains:

“This process has an addict inject drugs rectally, usually meth or cocaine mixed with water, through a needless syringe. A rectum is very efficient at absorption, so the high is described as more intense and longer-lasting. The flyer says this method to get high is a ‘good choice if your veins are hard to hit,’ and that it ‘doesn’t leave tracks.’

Addicts who wish to forego the booty bumping method can take their pick of three different types of heroin pipes and obtain additional screens and mouthpieces at the front desk.

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