Tulsi Gabbard: Liberal Gender Agenda Is ‘Denial of Objective Truth’ Where Those in Power ‘Define and Tell Us What’s True’

Craig Bannister | November 30, 2022 | 4:58pm EST
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Tulsi Gabbard
(Getty Images/Justin Sullivan)

“Today’s fake feminists” are doing all they can to “erase women” by denying objective truth and forcing women to compete against men, former Democrat congresswoman and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard says.

In particular, liberal fake feminists are negating the 50 years of progress women have enjoyed, courtesy of Title IV, Gabbard says in a video she posted on social media Tuesday:

“Today’s self-proclaimed feminists will not define what a woman is and are, unfortunately, actively seeking to erase the progress that Title IX has made over the last 50 years, by essentially trying to erase women as an entire category of people.”

“50 years ago, feminists fought to pass Title IX so women didn’t have to compete against men. Today’s fake-feminists are undoing Title IX so women are forced to compete against men. They deny objective truth, and are doing all they can to erase women,” Gabbard tweeted Wednesday, introducing video of her Tuesday night interview with Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson.

“This has been an ongoing issue, Tucker. As you know, I served in Congress for eight years. And, this is something that’s building and growing over time,” Gabbard told Carlson, condemning the hypocrisy of fake feminists and the complicity of the Biden Administration:

“We have people who claim to be feminists, yet who are exercising the height of hypocrisy by actually trying to erase women as an entire category of people and doing so, by doing things like the Biden Administration is doing now, in trying to undo Title IX – the legislation that was enacted 50 years ago out of a recognition of the difference in biological sex between men and women, and boys and girls.”

Gabbard also criticized today’s “fear-filled culture” that’s pressuring people to go along to get along by “actually denying the existence of objective truth”:

“[Y]ou’ve got a 6’ 4” male with male parts competing and swimming against women in college and being given the podium and the medal, while the women are being sidelined.”

“The underlying danger here is the denial of objective truth,” Gabbard reiterated, denouncing the left’s efforts to erase language that acknowledges the existence of “women,” “mothers” and “sisters.”

And, without society’s acceptance of objective truth, those in power are able to dictate what is “true,” all moral boundaries are erased - and the result is “pure insanity,” Gabbard warned:

“And once we, as a society, allow this to occur – that we no longer believe that what is true is true – then what we’re left with is no boundaries, no moral boundaries, and those in power being in a position where they, and only they, define and tell us what is true and what is false. And, we end up with pure insanity.”

“They’re gods, in other words, when they define reality,” Carlson concluded.

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