Voters Don’t Think Voting Reform Should Be Congress’ Top Priority, Politico/Morning Consult Reveals

By Craig Bannister | January 12, 2022 | 4:36pm EST
(Getty Images/Justin Sullivan)

U.S. voters are more likely to strongly disapprove than strongly approve of President Joe Biden’s voting reform agenda, and only about one in four think that either of two of major reforms Democrats seek should be Congress’ top priority, results of a new Politico/Morning Consult poll reveal.

According to the survey of 2,000 registered voters, conducted January 8-9 of this year, just 26% think “Expanding voting access in federal elections” should be “the top priority for the U.S. Congress to pass.”

Likewise, only 22% say “Expanding oversight of states’ changes to voting Practices” should be the number one goal. Twenty percent (20%) believe “Reforming Congress’ role in counting Electoral College Votes” should be the top priority.

In fact, a greater percentage (32%) think “None of the above should be a priority for Congress.”

The same percentage (43%) of voters say they at least somewhat approve of how President Biden is handling voting rights as say they at least somewhat disapprove. But, while nearly one in three (31%) “strongly disapprove” of Biden’s handling of the issue, less than one in five (18%) “strongly approve.”

Thus, Americans aren’t buying claims by Democrats and liberal media that state voter integrity laws are actually intended to restrict the right to vote. As a result, voters largely don’t back Democrats’ efforts to enable the federal government to usurp the ability and right of individual states to pass laws preventing voter fraud.

As NewsBusters explains, the current battle in Congress is over Democrats’ media-promoted efforts to federalize the nation’s elections, not about the right to vote:

“The notion that the debate in Congress has anything to do with protecting or diminishing Americans’ freedom to vote is a flat-out falsehood. No election reform bill proposed or enacted in state legislatures around the country over the past year has removed the right to vote from a single law-abiding citizen, and Republicans on Capitol Hill appear reluctant to pass any sort of federal reform at all.

“Yet the media have persisted in their Big Lie, attempting to scare voters into supporting Democrats’ latest attempt to federalize America’s elections.”

The following Media Research Center video explains how liberal media are misleading the American public by falsely claiming that, if complying a voter integrity law is in any way inconvenient, it robs citizens of the right to vote.

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