WH’s Psaki: ‘Sometime,’ ‘At Some Point,’ V.P. Harris ‘May Go to the Border,’ ‘We’ll See’

By Craig Bannister | June 8, 2021 | 3:51pm EDT
WH Press Sec. Jen Psaki

“We’ll see,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Tuesday when asked if Vice President Kamala Harris will ever visit the U.S. southern border to get a first-hand look at the crisis there.

Psaki didn’t say that Harris, Biden’s border czar, has permanently ruled out a trip to the border, when repeatedly pressed by Fox News Channel’s Peter Doocy. Instead, Psaki couched her responses in noncommittal terms, saying that “sometime” and “at some point” Harris “may go to the border”:

“I expect that, sometime, she may go to the border, Peter. But, as you know, what her focus has been, what the assignment is, specifically, is to work with leaders in the Northern Triangle. She’s on a trip doing exactly that, exactly what the president asked her to do.”


“Again, I think that, at some point, she may go to the border. We’ll see.

“But, she’s in the Northern Triangle now to have discussions with leaders, with community leaders, with civil society leaders, with the embassy, about how we can work together. And, obviously, she’s made a couple of announcements already, probably more to come before she comes back to the United States.”


“Look Peter, again, I think her focus of this trip is on meeting with leaders, having a discussion about how to address corruption, how to address the root causes, how to work together to address humanitarian challenges in these countries.  That is exactly what she’s doing on the ground and I’m sure she’ll report back to the president when she returns.”

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