Bill Clinton: U.S. to Blame for Mexican Drug Violence

Curtis Kalin | February 16, 2015 | 10:07am EST
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Speaking in Mexico, former President Bill Clinton pinned the cause of escalating narco-trafficking violence on a curious culprit: the United States.

The “war on drugs” has been a staple of U.S. policy for decades. But Clinton, speaking at the Youth and Productivity Summit in Mexico, unleashed a stinging soliloquy on a policy he helped execute:

“I wish you had no narco-trafficking, but it’s not really your fault. Basically, we did too good of a job of taking the transportation out of the air and water, and so we ran it over land. I apologize for that.”

This is a strange statement coming from Clinton, who ramped-up the drug war by elevating its czar to cabinet-level status when he was Commander in Chief. Since Clinton left the White House, spending on the drug war has increased to $40-50 billion.

This isn’t the first time Clinton reversed his position on a policy he himself championed in the 90’s. After the Supreme Court struck down a key section of the Defense of Marriage Act (which Clinton signed into law in 1996), he praised the decision.

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