Grammy Nominee’s Violent 'Occupy' Anthem: ‘Strung Up You’ll Bleed,’ 'Your Blood Is Our Paint'

By Dan Gainor | November 10, 2011 | 5:09pm EST

Despite the violence of the anti-war protests, the ‘60s demonstrations were about giving peace a chance. The Occupy Wall Street crowd has a new anthem that is anything but peaceful. The song tells how opponents will have their “body destroyed” or when “strung up you’ll bleed, like the pig you became."

The song “We Stand as One” was recorded by Joseph Arthur, who has collaborated with rock greats like Peter Gabriel and REM’s Michael Stipe. Arthur was nominated for a best recording package Grammy for his 1999 EP “Vacancy,” according to his bio. Arthur has “previously been recorded a decade earlier by Gabriel for a Princess Diana tribute album.”

The song is an entire rationale of why “we Occupy Wall Street.” Included as explanations are to:

  • Take back our soul,
  • Take back our country,
  • Take back control,
  • Take back our health care,
  • Take back our mind,
  • Take back our freedom.

But, this anthem is also filled with violent imagery threatening the opponents of the movement.

  • “Your blood is our paint,”
  • “Like a pig you consumed
    And like a pig you will roast,”
  • “Burning your homes.”
  • Your body destroyed”
  • “Strung up you’ll bleed
    Like the pig you became”

Not exactly Dylan's "Blowin' In The Wind," now, is it?

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