'Occupy' Using Drones To Spy On Police, Capture Video

Dan Gainor | December 21, 2011 | 11:25am EST
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The United States military is on the front lines of using remote-controlled aircraft on the battleground. One of the latest entrants in that field is … Occupy Wall Street.

Yes, the global anarchist/socialist/communist protest has taken to the skies to both monitor police and capture video of events – even livestreaming.

UStream live broadcaster Tim Pool (@timcast on Twitter), is one livestreamer who has taken to the air with his broadcast. This video shows images from an aerial camera he set up. As he described it in the video: “success.”

Pool and a friend were inspired by use of a similar device at a protest in Poland. “When the Polish protesters put up the robo-copter video my friend said I think we need to do this for Occupy.” Pool says his copter is perfectly legal. “Between zero and 400 feet is not FAA air space and can’t be closed. Not only they wouldn’t know who’s controlling the drone, it wouldn’t be breaking any laws,” he told Mashable.

According to The Village Voice, “The drone comes courtesy of Mike Brown, an artist-in-residence at Better Farm in upstate New York” “My mom's side of the family are all journalists and editors and things like that, so I wanted to do something that would honor that,” he told the Voice.

A post on The Occupied Wall Street Journal claimed “Operation Occupy The Air Has Started!!” It told protesters “YOUR drone designed from OPEN PLANS we want YOU to CREATE and which WE will PUBLISH!’

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