Levin: Media 'Pulled Up Their Dresses, You Saw Everything And It's Not Pretty'

David James | September 13, 2012 | 11:38am EDT
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Radio host Mark Levin stated: “This is why you cannot believe the media in this country…too often than not, they’re pushing an agenda.”

On last night’s show, Levin discussed Gov. Romney’s press conference regarding the attacks on U.S. embassies in Egypt and Libya on September 11:

“Everybody’s MSNBC now, have you noticed? MSLSD is now the new high bar - the new high standard for the media. So, they piled on - they ganged up on Romney.

“This is why you cannot believe the media in this country. They may be right, now and then, but too often than not they’re pushing an agenda.

“These reporters represent NBC, ABC, CBS - I don’t know if the cable reporters were there - I suppose they were. Print reporters - I suppose they were. You didn’t hear a single person dissent about what was about to take place. They’re all ready.

“Now, these are opportunities for you, folks. Because they let their hair down, they let their pants down, they pulled their dresses up. You saw everything and it’s not pretty.

“These are the people who pretend to represent you in these campaigns, at the White House. Obama takes no questions, and there are a lot of questions to be asked about what took place in Egypt and Libya.

“President does not make himself available for questions. And the press doesn’t want to question him. Instead, every news report you’re hearing, including most on this program - which I have no control over - what are you hearing? Romney being accused of playing politics.

“Romney, who makes an extremely substantive, presidential statement in response to the outrageous, loathsome statement the [US] Embassy put out. Another apology for you and me.

“Romney today faces the press at a real press conference, sounds again presidential, and they try to drag him down.”

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