Levin: Obama's 'Going to Violate the Constitution, Unilaterally Lift the Debt Ceiling'

David James | December 6, 2012 | 12:28pm EST
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Last night, radio host Mark Levin said that President Obama plans to unilaterally and unconstitutionally lift the debt ceiling, thereby circumventing Congress and avoiding negotiations with them. Levin also stated that President Obama plans to play the “catch me if you can, take me to the court” game by taking this unilateral action, because he will be able to get away with it by the time it reaches the Supreme Court.

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“We’ve never had a president that’s spent like this ever. Ever. That’s why, in particular right now, the debt ceiling is so crucial, because there’s no other way to stop him.

“But let me be the first to tell you what he’s planning. And I was the first to tell you about this when he was planning it two summers ago and thinking about it.

“He’s going to violate the Constitution. That’s what he’s saying, right here.

“All you backbenchers out there, you can repeat this tomorrow. He’s going to violate the Constitution.

“Remember, Mr. Producer, when I discussed how they were playing with the language about whether Congress actually has the power over the debt, or whether the President can unilaterally act? Remember how I talked about that two years ago? Well that’s where he’s headed.

“He’s going to get a Justice Department – which is not a Justice Department, which is an injustice, an unjustice department – prepare a legal memorandum telling him he can violate the Constitution.

“He’s going to violate the Constitution, unilaterally lift the debt ceiling, and say ‘catch me if you can, take me to the court,’ and he figures by then maybe he’ll have another appointment or two to the Supreme Court by the time it winds its way there, or maybe John Roberts will help him out again. You never know.

“But he’s more than happy, more than happy to have 12, 18, 24 months of litigation, and by the time that’s done he will have already done what he will have already done.

“So I am telling you – it’s not a prediction. It’s reality. I’m telling you what he’s talking about right here. He’s not playing that game anymore, ladies and gentlemen, because he’s going to defy the rule of law, and on his own lift the debt ceiling.

“That’s what he’s going to do. [Senator] Schumer wants him to do it. All the Leftists want him to do it, and that’s what he’s going to do.”

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