Levin: Pro-Tax Politicians 'Trying To Create A Devil' - Grover Norquist

David James | November 27, 2012 | 12:02pm EST
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Last night, radio host Mark Levin called the congressmen who have threatened to renege on their no-tax pledge "disgusting," "pathetic," "hypocrites," and "cowards."

He went on to warn that pro-tax politicians are trying to demonize the pledge's author:

"So now what's today's debate? Well today, ladies and gentlemen, our politicians - who are our representatives after all - are trying to create a devil and put a face on him. And that's Grover Norquist.

"But he runs a group called Americans for Tax Reform. And what's their great national problem that he needs to be attacked? Well you see they put out this pledge for politicians who run, that they pledge to go to Washington and not raise taxes. And many, many of them signed them.

"And Norquist is under attack, not because of his positions on amnesty, not because of his positions on fundamentalism, but because he and his group put out this pledge and these Republicans don't want to follow it anymore. Because they're disgusting, they're pathetic, they're hypocrites, and now they want you to believe 'well that was a pledge I signed a long time ago, now I'm going to stand for the country.'

"Because ladies and gentlemen, you look at these Republicans, and you remember their faces and their names. They are selling out faster than is imaginable. They are cowards. And they do not believe in limited Constitutional government.

"And Boehner - the night that Romney lost - surrendered. Both arms in the air. And I called him out for it. He is no good. He's way over his head.

"Now it's not the no-tax pledge they reject. You know what it is they reject? It's the Constitution.

"Do either of these parties anymore believe in the Constitution? No. The Democrats in your face don't agree with the Constitution anymore unless you're a mass murderer or a terrorist, then all of a sudden the Bill of Rights apply to you.

"But that aside. What about the Republican Party? Does the Republican Party believe in the Constitution? If so, how? How?"

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