Levin: 'Take The Class Warfare Argument Away' From Obama By Cutting Middle-Class Taxes 10%

David James | November 29, 2012 | 11:16am EST
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Last night, radio host Mark Levin proposed a way to take class warfare out of the "fiscal cliff" debate.

Levin proposed to cut the middle two tax brackets ahead of the 'fiscal cliff' at the end of the calendar year. Levin said that this would take the class warfare argument away from President Obama and force him to propose a list of spending cuts from the Executive Branch.

"Here's my proposal. Hey, Mr. Boehner, you paying attention?

"Anyway, alright. Middle class. This is what they call 'the masses.' The middle class. We're in these classes, you know, set up by the IRS. You in the middle class. 'Oh that's me.' Don't be sucked in, you're an individual human being. You're not in any class. But let's play along.

"Middle class. Here's my proposal. Republicans - pay attention. Slash the middle class tax rates by 10 percent. You don't have to slash the top two rates; you don't have to slash the bottom rate. Slash the two remaining rates in the middle. Slash them by ten percent.

"Now who's standing for the middle class, Mr. Obama? What then?

"I hope they do something, I hope they're listening. They're listening, but they just - they're just so stupid. They don't know how to fight this guy. It kills me.

"Ok, folks, here's the bottom line. If we do my proposal, or something like it, Obama is finished on the propaganda campaign. On this issue. Then, it's the Republicans who are cutting 'middle class taxes.' I mean really cutting them.

"Then Obama's going to talk about the debt and the deficit. And then we say to him, 'Okay, let's talk about it. Can we have your list, Mr. President, of Executive Branch agencies, departments, programs, spending, and so forth that you would like to propose that we cut? I mean after all, you run the Executive Branch. We want to invite you to provide us with your list of cuts.'

"Take the class warfare argument away from him. Not the way Mr. Cole, congressman from Oklahoma says, not the way Bill Kristol from the Weekly Standard says.

"Cut the middle two tax bracket rates for the so-called 'middle class'. Cut them. Slash them by ten percent. Leave the other rates alone. And then you go in and you talk about 'we're the ones cutting middle class taxes. You won't support it. You're the one whose hands are on the middle class.

"Do you like that. Mr. Producer? Do you like my idea? It's damn good. Thank you."

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