Levin: When 'Robber Barons Of Gov't' Tax The Rich, It's About Power - Not Debt, Accounting Or Fairness

David James | November 13, 2012 | 10:43am EST
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Last night, radio host Mark Levin said about the current politicians in the Federal government: “What we have here…are the robber barons of government.”

Levin said:

“What we have here, ladies and gentlemen - and I’ve talked about this over the years - are the robber barons of government. The robber barons of government.

“Destroying industries with regulations and taxes and harassment. Eliminating jobs, pushing people into programs they’d rather not be in, enticing other people who don’t want to work into programs so they can subsist.

“Destroying the middle-class, consolidating power. People who work for a living have to struggle as politicians get more and more powerful and control more and more of the national wealth. Have you noticed that?

“You know what the taxes on the rich is all about? It has nothing to do with accounting. It has nothing to do with the debt; it has nothing to do with fairness. It’s a power a grab.

“See, Barack Obama has never produced anything, and never can. But he’s a demagogue, so he can get elected to office.

“And he uses the law unconstitutionally, as do most of the Democrats, and ready for this - most of the Republicans - to seize wealth, to seize power from those who’ve created it so that they instead can make decisions, rather than disperse decisions throughout the society.

“So, they’re consolidating power, they plunder us, they use the law as a weapon, and they buy just enough citizens- buy off just enough citizens - so they have an army of faithful voters.

“That’s’ what it’s all about, that’s who these people are. The Constitution’s irrelevant to them. The Constitution is an obstacle to them."

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