Limbaugh: Obama Wants His Legacy To Be 'The Ultimate Shattering Of Capitalism'

David James | November 29, 2012 | 1:03pm EST
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Today, radio host Rush Limbaugh said that Pres. Obama wants to turn this nation into a welfare state and seeks the ultimate shattering of capitalism as his legacy.

"Barack Obama has stated since before he was elected, he stated during his campaign in 2007 and 2008, he stated in years prior - that his objective is to transform the United States. He wants to turn this nation into a welfare state because, to him, that is what is fairness.

Limbaugh described what he believes to be Pres. Obama's opinion of America:

"This country was founded unjustly and immorally.  A bunch of elite, white guys who founded the nation in a system to perpetuate people like them in wealth and in power in perpetuity. And in the process minorities, and people of color, and indigenous peoples everywhere, non whites, were given the shaft and never had a chance to succeed in this country.

"The game's been rigged since the founding. His objective is to change that. He's made no bones about it.

"My contention would be is that Obama is looking at his legacy not in the same way that all of the people in Washington, for all of these years, are looking at second term or presidential legacies.

"50 years from now, do you think Obama is going to be worried about what's written? 'Yeah, recession in his second term- horrible economics.' Do you think Obama's aiming for?

"I think Obama is looking for historians to write about the historic transformation of this country. The ultimate shattering of capitalism. That's the legacy he's seeking."

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