Sen. Rand Paul: England Raised Taxes On The Rich 'And They Got LESS Revenue'

David James | December 13, 2012 | 5:27pm EST
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Last night, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) called in to the Mark Levin Show to discuss the impending fiscal cliff and the Republican "purge" of conservative Representatives on committees in the House.

Sen. Paul said that these purges were a mistake and would ultimately be a detriment to the Republican Party. He also said that Republican Party should not become the 'Obama-Lite' or 'Democrat-Lite' Party, and that they should pursue tax cut policies to raise revenue in the future.

Levin asked Paul:

"So you're concerned about the tactics being used by the Republicans leadership in the House to purge these conservatives form these committees?"

Sen. Paul replied:

"Absolutely. I think it's a huge mistake, and in the end will be detrimental to the party. I don't think we need to become the party of, you know, Obama-Lite or Democrat-Lite; he wants to raise taxes an enormous amount, we want to raise taxes just a little bit less.

"I really think we'll get the opposite. I mean, in England, they raised the top rates and they got less revenue. So there's all kinds of examples of raising rates slows economic growth, and you actually get less revenue. So I truly do believe that you could lower rates, simplify the tax code, get more economic growth, and actually get more revenue.

"The real problem, when we started losing tax revenue, was not the Bush tax cuts; it was about four years later when we went into a recession. All of the revenue, if there are revenue or is a revenue problem, comes from lack of economic growth. There's also been a spending binge that is unparalleled. You know, we're spending 25% of our GDP- this has never before happened. President Obama has added 100 [Federal] workers every month.

"So we're way into it. We've got to do something to stop the spending binge."

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