Bozell: Left Using IRS, FEC and FCC to End Free Speech

Eric Scheiner | February 27, 2015 | 4:39pm EST
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President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell told an audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Friday the “radical left” is using government agencies in “a relentless campaign to destroy the last vestiges of freedom in America.”

Here is an excerpt from Bozell’s address at the 2015 CPAC event at The National Harbor:

“Something terrible is happening to our country. The radical left now controls most levers of political and cultural power, and is using both in a relentless campaign to destroy the last vestiges of freedom in America.

Tyranny is knocking at our door.

Consider: Lois Lerner and who knows what other officials in the Obama administration illegally used the IRS, the most feared arm of the federal government, to harass, persecute and even prosecute conservatives. They were illegally coordinating these illegal activities with the Department of Justice, the FEC and who knows what other federal agencies. To cover up the evidence they destroyed government property. They lied at the White House and committed perjury on Capitol Hill. Watergate was a political paper cut by comparison.

The radicals have shown their fangs. They will do anything, using any means at their disposal, legal or otherwise, to control our very freedom of speech. Ponder this carefully: when the state uses its power to destroy any political opposition, spying on and silencing through threats and criminal prosecution, is it all that different than the East German Stasi?

Talk radio is arguably the strongest weapon in the conservative arsenal, so the radicals want it destroyed. They first tried to revive the Fairness Doctrine which, if enacted, would have de facto put this industry out of business, which was their goal. When that effort was derailed they returned with “localism,” which Rush correctly labeled “the back door to the Fairness Doctrine.”

The radicals control the Federal Communications Commission and the FCC is out of control in its zeal to control free speech. The North Koreans would approve of its machinations. Last summer it was making quiet preparations to put a federal monitor in every newsroom to assess stations’ "news philosophy,” and “the process by which stories are selected." This shocking abuse of governmental authority was exposed and stopped -- but by no means does this mean the radicals have stopped.

As I speak these words, the Obama administration is making its play for the internet. It is quietly working to have the federal government start owning the infrastructure delivering the internet. Through Net Neutrality it is giving government control of the internet, forcing it to comply by federal regulations.

But perhaps most disturbing, and under-reported is this: The radicals want political speech on the internet declared to be political activity. As such, through yet another abusive arm of government, this time the Federal Elections Commission, the federal government would actually decide what is, and isn’t acceptable as free speech on the internet. In the United States of America.”

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