Court Judge: ‘No One Should Have’ Guns – ‘Not Police, Not Security’

Eric Scheiner | September 29, 2016 | 3:16pm EDT
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According to, circuit court judge Kenneth Walker of Multnomah County, Ore. decided to go on a tangent about gun control during a criminal sentencing on Monday.

"If I could, I would take all the guns in America, put them on big barges and go dump them in the ocean," the judge said. "Nobody would have a gun. Not police, not security, not anybody. We should eliminate all of them." reports, the judge made his comments during the sentencing of Marcell Lee Daniel Jr. who killed an innocent man in a drive-by shooting in 2014.

"They are a scourge of this country and no one should have one as far as I'm concerned," he said. "There's no defense to guns. There's just absolutely no reason to have them. But it is a right of people in this country to own and possess them, and I will not say anything to affect that right."

Oregonlive reports that Judge Walker said he made his comments because it's frustrating to see all the deaths caused by gun violence.

Daniel was sentenced to 17 ½ years in prison.

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