Abramoff: Job Offers Got The Job Done - And Still Do Today

By Erick Hamme | November 9, 2011 | 9:40am EST

Former lobbyist Jack Abramoff, appearing on Sean Hannity’s radio show Monday, explained the methods he and his office would use to woo a congressman's office into taking action that would benefit one of his clients.

"What, basically, would happen is, we would... develop a relationship, because lobbying is really two parts,” Abramoff explained:

“The first part is access and being able to get to somebody who is a decision maker to get in front of them the case you're making and hopefully push them into a positive decision.”

“So what often happens in Washington is one uses social interaction, whether it's sporting events or dinners or trips or golf or whatever the lobbyist liked to do, combined with maybe fundraising - to develop a personal relationship.”

Abramoff told Hannity that he would then suggest the possibility of making a lucrative job offer at some point in the future:

“Once that relationship got to a certain point with certain offices I would offer the person a job to hopefully come work for me."

Abramoff noted that something funny seemed to happen once he suggested the possibility of coming to work for him:

"I began to notice that, once the offer was made, their focus left their congressman and started to focus on our firm."

Abramoff has also said that these types of tactics are still being used today, despite new lobbying regulations. The root cause, he told Hannity, is the excessive government power - and, the only solution is to "reduce the size of the State."

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