Limbaugh On Occupy Lice Outbreak: Now 'Even The Parasites Have Parasites'

By Erick Hamme | November 7, 2011 | 3:57pm EST

On today’s radio show, Rush Limbaugh commented on the reports of a head lice outbreak at the “Occupy Portland” protests.

“By the way, at Portland, Oregon, there was a head lice outbreak at Occupy Portland. Ah, it's a terrible thing. I'm not making it up. ‘Head and Body Lice Outbreak Announced in Occupy Portland Encampment.’ The backbone of America, Folks: Occupy Portland, Occupy Wall Street – Occupy Whatever.”

“So now, folks, with the head lice outbreak up in Portland, even the parasites have parasites.” reported the sad news adding that "advice (is) being given out about shampoo treatments."

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