Mark Levin Does Alec Baldwin Impression

By Erick Hamme | November 16, 2011 | 1:49pm EST

Mark Levin brought out his Alec Baldwin impression on Monday’s show.

The impersonation by Levin (competently executed, by the way) was only the latest jab in a feud between Alec Baldwin and both Levin and Sean Hannity--a feud that goes back as far as 2006.

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Last week on his show, in response to Baldwin's assertion that "Ronald Reagan was a failed actor who took his act to Washington," Mark Levin went on a tirade, a rant for the ages. The undressing of the liberal actor by Levin spread across the internet like a California brush fire. If you haven't heard it yet--take a listen below.

But first, a word of advice--you might want to send the kids into an adjacent room.  This is big boy talk.

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In response to Levin's shellacking, Baldwin fired off several tweets (Is it possible to fire off a tweet? Doubtful. Maybe, he fluttered it off.)--one of which said, "I think everyone in my world, the normal world, knows that Mark Levin and Hannity are relevant only to the angriest, most bitter Americans."

And, this is only the latest in a long and tangled string of confrontations--this feud is far from over.

Some may be asking, "Why Alec Baldwin?"

Because Baldwin has a history of making statements in public that other liberal actors only make behind closed studio doors. He famously promised to leave the country if George W. Bush won the 2000 election. He called Dick Cheney a terrorist. The list goes on.

The feud started publicly in 2006 when Baldwin was co-hosting The Brian Whitman Show. To his surprise, Hannity and Levin called in to the show. Hannity accused Baldwin of backing out of an appearance on his own show, which Baldwin denied.

The segment ended with Baldwin walking out of the studio.

Several incidents have kept the feud hot and fresh, including the opening skit on a September episode of Saturday Night Live that depicted a scheming Hannity and Rush Limbaugh--that just happened to run on the night Baldwin was hosting.

Even Alec's brother Stephen got involved recently, making a public plea for Alec and Sean to make nice.

Baldwin is reportedly considering a run for the office of mayor in New York City.

Stay tuned.

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