Rush Calls For a 'Reagan' Candidate to 'Take Over The Republican Party'

By Erick Hamme | November 11, 2011 | 1:31pm EST

After playing the audio of Rep. Joe Walsh's (R-Il.) rant against the size of the federal government, Rush Limbaugh responded to a caller’s frustration over the increasingly blatant efforts of the powerful  "establishment" wing of the Republican party to shun the conservative movement in order to promote an “establishment’ candidate for the Republican nomination.

The talk show host took the opportunity to inform listeners about the battle that’s been taking place within the Republican party for decades – but, which is just now coming to light.

The caller’s frustration stemmed from what he believed was a direct refusal by the leaders of the Republican party to recognize the will of the people and support the staunch conservatives running for president.

Rush responded, saying, "But, they haven't.  They didn't support Reagan until they had no choice."

“This is nothing new." Limbaugh said, "You're just learning about it for the first time. It's something that's really not been exposed." “The war within the Republican party between the so-called "establishment" and conservatives has always been going on."

In fact, the only reason this civil war is now being exposed is that the conflicting philosophies within the party have become obvious as a result of the big government policies that Obama has enacted, which have made the drastic reduction of our government's role such a pressing concern.

In a biting criticism, Limbaugh asked, "If Moscow took over this country - if Putin came in - if (America) went full-fledged wall to wall communism would the establishment Republicans want to do something about it?  Or, would they want to share power with them?"

"And, when it matters - the economy - and people are losing their jobs like this, and Republicans are still trying to discredit conservatives? Then, you realize it's not about the country. It's about primacy and power within the party."

Limbaugh then returned to Ronald Reagan who the GOP "establishment" fought tooth and nail for the nomination.  He recalled that colleagues suggested to Reagan that he “go third party” rather than fight for the nomination.

Reagan refused saying, "We have to take over the Republican party."

Limbaugh concluded that Reagan "got as close as anyone has - on the conservative side - to doing it.  And it's what needs to be done today."

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