Rush: Even GOP Candidates Aren't Saying, 'Uh, Duh - We Don't Have Any Money'

By Erick Hamme | November 25, 2011 | 12:40pm EST

Responding to a listener’s question concerning which candidate is actually going to make significant cuts to government spending, Rush Limbaugh responded by saying, "It boils down to how many candidates think that's what's necessary."

Limbaugh went on to say, "What ought to be a topic of discussion in one of these debates is: 'How are we going to reduce this debt?  How are we going to reduce this spending?'”

“We are going to actually have to genuinely reduce the size of this government."  Rush called this "the central question about which we are all concerned for the future of the country."

"We had to raise the debt ceiling twice this year.  We're up to 17 trillion dollars in debt - for real - on paper."

"We can’t go on as we are.  We don't have the money." Limbaugh said adding, "It's the elephant in the room."

The conservative talk show host was clearly frustrated by the way Republican candidates are talking about spending money, ignoring the reality of the financial crisis and making plans to continue the endless spending in Washington.

Regarding the latest GOP debate, Limbaugh said, "Any discussion last night that involved spending money - every time it came up - I looked at the screen and my mouth fell open," adding, "these guys talked about spending money as though it's not a problem."

"Why isn't somebody saying, 'Uh.. Duh…we don't have any money?” “We are borrowing practically everything we spend.'"

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