Buchanan: ‘Cultural Marxism’ Has Succeeded Where Marx and Lenin Failed

Grant M. Dahl | October 19, 2011 | 3:13pm EDT
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Former presidential candidate Patrick J. Buchanan, in an interview about his new book, “Suicide of a Superpower,” told Sean Hannity that he felt the cultural form of Marxism is succeeding where Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin’s form failed.

“It has succeeded in effecting a transvaluation of all values in society, and so now a lot of the ideas of cultural Marxism, they’re now much more receptive because we no longer have that particular heat shield of Christian belief, etcetera, which says ‘Hey that is nonsense!’ - and so this is the ultimate victory, I think, of the Left is the capture of the culture in the West,” said Buchanan.

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Buchanan also commented that the idea of bringing the world over to Marxism through cultural means had been put forward by Marxist philosopher Antonio Gramsci in the early 1900s when he visited the Soviet Union.

“Antonio Gramsci was a Marxist who went to the Soviet Union early and he said, ‘This place is a failure; they got the power and they’re crushing these people, but these people hate them. These people hate Marxism, and they hate Communism, and they hate Lenin and Stalin; they love Mother Russia, they love the old Orthodox faith. What we got to do is we got to conduct a long march through the institutions of the West,’” Buchanan said.

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