Limbaugh: 'Didn’t Know The Left Had Such Jealousy Of The Tea Party'

Grant M. Dahl | October 7, 2011 | 5:00pm EDT
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On his show, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh made an observation about the Left’s attempts to prop up the "Occupy Wall Street" protests, saying that it appeared to him that the Left is jealous of the Tea Party.

“I didn’t know that the Left had such jealousy of the Tea Party. That’s what this is all about” said Limbaugh, “I just thought it was pure hatred. I thought they hated the Tea Party for all the obvious reasons: It’s organic, leaderless, spontaneous, and it’s real.”

[The Tea Party is] made up of people who have never before done anything like they are doing. Showing up at town halls, engaging in public protests and every member of the Tea Party is a solid individual, most of them work, take time off from work to do what they’re doing and they dramatically, dynamically oppose everything the Democrat Party stands for” added Limbaugh.

“You can understand the Democrats hating and reviling (the Tea Party), but what I didn’t know is, they’re jealous!”

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