Limbaugh: Obama's 'Becoming The Male Kim Kardashian'

By Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr. | June 5, 2012 | 1:19pm EDT

Rush Limbaugh says Pres. Obama is turning into "the male Kim Kardashian."

On his show today, Rush Limbaugh discussed two sweepstakes ads that the Obama campaign is running.  One starring Anna Wintour, Editor of Vogue magazine; and the other with actress Sarah Jessica Parker.  Each promotes a chance for two lucky winners to have dinner at Sarah Jessica Parker’s home in New York for an Obama fundraiser.

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“This is such a divorce from reality.   So they’re having this big dinner party, for YOU.  Two people…you could get chosen to have dinner so that Obama and Michelle and Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker can find out what YOU think!”

Rush continued: “This whole thing is a fraud.  Anna Wintour doesn’t want to meet these people.  She’s not interested in what they have to think.  Neither is Obama or Michelle or Sarah Jessica.”

“This is celebrity of the United States kind of stuff.  This is not President of the United States kind of stuff…it’s an indication, once again, how out of touch they really are.”

“He’s becoming Barack Kardashian.  I tell you that’s what he’s becoming.  He is becoming the male Kim Kardashian with this stuff.  And it’s been building.  He is celebrity of the United States, he is not the President.”

“So its Barack Hussein Kardashian –is what he has become.”

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