'Obama Is The Greatest Gun Salesman Of All Time,' Texas Gun Store Owner Says

By Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr. | November 27, 2012 | 11:28am EST

It was reported that Black Friday saw a surge in gun sales with the FBI reporting a record one day background check total of 154,873, breaking last year's record of 129,166.  Gun sales were so overwhelming that the FBI's Instant Background Check center crashed twice as the requests poured in.

Jim Pruett, owner of Pruett's Guns and Ammo in Texas commented on the recent surge saying, "Obama is the greatest gun salesman of all time.  Every time he talks about guns, sales go through the roof."

Pruett said that since Obama was reelected weapons have been flying off the shelves.  "People come in here that I've never seen before.  A type of people just trying to make sure they have a weapon," said Pruett.

Since Obama was elected in 2008, gun sales have skyrocketed.  Many Americans believe now that Obama has been reelected to a second term, he will tighten regulations on assault weapons and other guns, even try to ban them outright.  Others are preparing for civil unrest should the U.S. economy continue to decline.

A customer of Pruett's said that he has been loading up on guns for the last four years:

"I called it my Obama hedge fund and we invested substantially into some firearms, some of my co-workers and I," said Patrick Mendenhall.

Mendenhall said that firearms are a prudent investment and essential for a "worse case" scenario.  "As the economy gets tougher and as the country grows its debt, people are going to become desperate and when they become desperate and they are not feeding their families, they will turn to stealing and robbing and violence," he said.

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