Rush: All The Agencies Obama Wants To Shrink Are 'Pro-Business'

By Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr. | January 13, 2012 | 5:29pm EST

Rush Limbaugh said on today’s show that all of the government agencies President Obama wants to shrink are “pro-business.”

Let’s look at the types of agencies Obama wants to the authority to shrink, Limbaugh said:

“The Commerce Department, The Small Business Administration, The Office of the U.S Trade Representative, The Export/Import Bank, The Overseas Private Investment Corporation, The Trade and Development Agency.

“Now what do these agencies all have in common?”

“They’re all pro-business…and this is where Obama wants to shrink.  You can even say those agencies might lean to being pro-Republican or pro-Conservative.”

Rush was commenting on President Obama’s speech today and his newly expressed plans to shrink the size of government.

“What a joke, what an absolute, transparent, phony-baloney, plastic-banana, good-time, rock-and-roller, FM-type of a scam.”

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