Gay Students Say They Feel Threatened By Chick-fil-A's Presence, But School Board Votes Vendor Can Stay

By Joe Schoffstall | February 28, 2013 | 12:37pm EST

A group of students at the University of New Mexico tried to get Chick-fil-A kicked off campus because they claimed the eatery - and even the sight of its bags - made them feel "unsafe." The students even took to theatrics, such as crying and hyperventilating, before the 8-3 vote was decided that the restaurant could stay.

"Students started expressing to me they felt unsafe to go into their own campus union building,' Sen. Miquela Ortiz of the Associated Students of UNM said. "When they said they felt uncomfortable on campus, I felt it was an issue that I should bring up." "Please look at this from a moral standpoint,' said Brittany Arneson, a student against having Chick-fil-A on campus. "Look at the kids that are here that are telling you, 'I do not feel safe on this campus anymore.'"

But, UNC student Tess Henderson told KRQE that her friends who work for Chick-fil-A were trained to treat each and every customer with the utmost respect, regardless of who they are.

This is nothing new to the restaurant. In early 2012, some New York University students unsuccessfully tried to get them kicked off campus for their "anti-gay agenda." Students at North Carolina's Elon University successfully won their bid to eject the restaurant, with the student government voting 35-11 to ask the food vendor to replace them. Several other attempts were also made around the country.

However, the media failed to report on conservative students flocking to defend Chick-fil-A, who called their peers "hypocrites." "I think it's absolutely ridiculous that these liberals want free speech unless it's speech against something they believe," Ralph D'Elia, a senior at the University of South Florida, told The College Fix back in September. The petition, which was started by an assistant professor at the University, received considerable backlash. The effort failed.

At almost every college a petition was circulating, students rushed to defend the restaurant.

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