Second Amendment Foundation Head Defends Gun Control Bill: It's 'a Godsend,' 'a Christmas Tree'

By Joe Schoffstall | April 16, 2013 | 12:30pm EDT

Gun rights activist and Executive Vice President of the Second Amendment Foundation Alan Gottlieb, says he knows that concerns about the Manchin/Toomey gun control bill are unfounded because he helped craft the bill. Gottlieb called the bill "a Godsend."

"When it comes to the background check bill, some of you may not like what I have to say, but I spent hours and hours with Sen. Manchin and Pat Toomey going over what's in that bill. I'm a little upset with- this whole debate has gotten so polarized that it's really hard to be intellectually honest what the bill says...I'll be candid,  unfortunately with the background check that's really what the case is right now," Gottlieb told those in attendance at Persimmon Country Club in Portland, Oregon on April 12, 2013.

The original draft of the bill was far worse than its current iteration, he said:

"The initial background check bill that Schumer put in was deplorable. There's no way any of us could support it - it would have been registration, there's no two ways about it."

He reassured attendees that the bill would not lead to a national gun registry:

"The Manchin/Toomey bill- despite some of my colleagues in the movement talking about registration- it is not registration. To be perfectly candid about it, it states in it that no guns can be registered. It also carries a section in it that any federal, or any state, or any gun dealer, or anybody with access to the NICS Check Records, or uses access to the records for registration purposes, will be a felony and up to a 15-year prison term.

"That's really great protection for us. Right now, any gun sold through a dealer that goes through a background check, there is no protection. If they misuse that list, nothing happens to them. Now they will serve up to 15 years in prison for misusing that list- if, in fact, they do so."

Gottlieb said he knows what's in the bill, and the bill's critics don't, because he was in the room helping write it and they weren't:

"There's a million other checks in there. It's a Christmas tree, we just hung a million ornaments on it. We're taking the background check and making a pro-gun bill. Unfortunately, my colleagues haven't quite figured it out, yet, because they weren't standing in the room lighting it - my staff was."

"If you really read what's in the Manchin/Toomey bill, man, it's a Godsend, and what it gives us back, our human rights back," he said.

Erick Erickson of RedState reports that Gottlieb sent an email over the weekend claiming that this was all a trap, and that gun grabbers walked right into it.

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