Study: Obama's 2013 Regulations Could Cost More Than $130 Billion

Joe Schoffstall | July 9, 2013 | 3:43pm EDT
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Current and proposed regulations put forward by the Obama Administration in 2013 could cost over $130 billion, according to newly released study.

The study, put together by the American Action Forum, takes a look at the administration's spring agenda of current and proposed federal regulations- known as the Unified Agenda. The Unified Agenda is released twice a year and details the regulatory agenda of federal agencies.

Using a sample of 40 proposals from the release, an analysis by the group found $133 billion in possible regulatory costs. In all, they found 18 "new" major actions within the spring report. As they note, the administration's actual agenda details thousands of possible rules for the upcoming months.

Here are a few examples detailed by the group.

  • Exchanges: Eligibility and Appeals Under the Affordable Care Act -- $2.605 billion (final)
  • Standards for Cooling Water Intake -- $5.351 billion (final)
  • Underground Storage Tank Rules -- $210 million (final)
  • Calorie Labeling: Vending Machines --  $421.3 million (final)
  • Food Labeling For Restaurants -- $757.1 million (final)
  • Exposure to Crystalline Silica Dust -- $5.5 billion (proposed)
  • Energy Standards: Battery Chargers -- $4.2 billion (final)

"In January, AAF predicted roughly $123 billion in possible regulations this year.  Currently, the administration is on pace for $120 billion, but if even a fraction of these scheduled $133 billion in regulations become final, the costs will be significant for U.S. businesses and consumers," writes the American Action Forum.

The Obama Administration missed this year's spring deadline for the second consecutive year, releasing it after receiving criticism. The months late release left businesses wondering if they'd be blindsided by new rules, as previously reported by The Hill. The second report is released in the fall.

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