Daniel Radcliffe: All Gun Crimes Are ‘A Form Of Terrorism’

Joe Setyon | August 10, 2016 | 2:17pm EDT
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Actor Daniel Radcliffe. (AP photo)


British actor Daniel Radcliffe said Monday that it would be “useful” to refer to all gun crimes as “a form of terrorism” because the term "has so much sway over how people deal with stuff."

Gun-related homicides are “not all politically motivated, but it instills terror and in that sense it is,” Radcliffe, who played Harry Potter in the popular film series, told Business Insider.

“Any kind of murder with any sort of political or religious ideology could be defined as terrorism," he said.

“It might be much more useful to just start referring to all gun crimes as a form of terrorism — because at this point it does always almost feel like a political statement of some kind,” he argued.

Radcliffe, 27, plays an FBI agent who goes undercover in a white supremacist group in his newest film, Imperium.

His comments on guns and terror were made in response to what Imperium director Daniel Ragussis said during the same interview.

There probably should be a lot more consistency in terms of how we look at those things and whether we call something terrorism or not has a great impact as to the way the law enforcement community approaches it, the way that the media approaches it, public policy approaches it,” said Ragussis.

“So unfortunately the choice of words becomes an incredibly important thing in terms of how our society deals with and views the issue,” the director added.

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