Gov. O’Malley Blames Tea Party GOP For Slowing Job Growth 20 Minutes Before BLS Reports Biggest Jump In 29 Years

Julia Seymour | October 5, 2012 | 10:14am EDT
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Just 20 minutes before the release of a BLS report showing the biggest jump in jobs in 29 years, Maryland Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley declared that the “Republican Tea Party Congress” was intentionally slowing job growth.

Each month, CNBC offers different voices and opinions before and after the unemployment report is released. But on “Squawk Box” Oct. 5, just 20 minutes before the jobs report was released, Maryland’s Democratic Governor Martin O’Malley audaciously claimed the Tea Party wing of the GOP was responsible for slow job growth.

Like other election-year conspiracy theories that have been hurled at conservatives, O’Malley’s remarks defied logic. He told CNBC’s Becky Quick:

“We’re clearly moving forward. We could be moving forward a lot more quickly, and I think we will after this election and (have) a better Congress. I mean,

“I think there was a political calculation when the Republican’s Tea Party Congress took power that, if they could slow the job growth before the election, they could hurt the president’s reelection. ”

Quick countered, “You think there’s actually people who want fewer jobs for political gain?” “I do,” O’Malley confirmed.

As evidence, Gov. O’Malley cited the GOP’s opposition to the president’s jobs bills. His conspiratorial allegation left out the fact that conservatives voted against those bills because they didn’t think they were solutions to the jobs crisis.

The governor also ignored the 39 bills that include job-creating measures the House Republicans have already passed, but that await a vote by the Senate.

Just twenty minutes after O’Malley’s accusation, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released September numbers showing the largest one-month jump in jobs in 29 years.

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