‘We’re More Pro-Life Than My Parents’ Generation’

Kristan Hawkins | January 23, 2013 | 6:18pm EST
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Forty years ago, seven men on the Supreme Court decided in favor of a case presented to them from a 27-year-old unknown, post-abortive lawyer, Sarah Weddington. That case was Roe v. Wade, and along with its companion Doe v. Bolton, it legalized abortion in all 9 months of pregnancy, for any reason, in the United States.

Today, this 27-year-old is writing to you as a survivor of that decision. The undeniable fact is that nearly a third of my generation is missing. We are missing brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, husbands and wives.

Miss Weddington's generation got it wrong. In attempting to correct gender inequality in the workplace and in our society, they set into motion the ultimate act of discrimination: abortion. Instead of glorifying motherhood, they pitted the mother against her child.

But this generation is determined to set it right. We're products of the late 1980s and 90s: We've seen the ultrasounds of our siblings, googled "abortion" and seen the bloody images, and sat with a friend as she cried about her abortion. This youth generation is the most pro-life generation of young people since 1973; we're more pro-life than even our parents' generation. And this week our presence will be known as this generation will be the predominant participants in Friday's March for Life in Washington and Saturday's Walk for Life in San Francisco.

This Friday and Saturday, we will be proudly carrying our "I am the Pro-Life Generation" signs, and Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry will watch their target audience slip away.

In fact, we already are. When Nancy Keenan, the former president of NARAL/Pro-Choice America, announced her resignation last year, she cited the lack of young pro-abortion leaders as the reason she wanted to step down. Last week's Time magazine headline story dealt with the same problem. Planned Parenthood's latest video and talking points on abortion confirm this fact.

They don't want to use the term "pro-choice" anymore, because it's too negatively associated with abortion. They know when abortion is mentioned, their favorability falls. Their goal? Never bring it up.

But it's not over yet. The abortion abolitionist movement still has a ways to go.

Here are this 27-year-old's Top 5 Thoughts for the Pro-Life Movement in Year 40.

1) Tell the Stories

Because abortion affects each and every one of us, make 2013 the year we tell our own stories about abortion to the nation. Women's stories of hardship and hope need to be told. Whether it is the post-abortive woman who experienced healing and forgiveness or the rape victim who courageously chose life for her child, it's time to step out of the world of gotcha’ questions and hypotheticals and into real-world lives.

2) Paint the Vision

Abortion abolitionists shouldn't be afraid to paint the vision of what our nation will look like and where women will turn after Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton are reversed. We must make our plans for a post-Roe America now – to support and establish the structures, all across our nation that we will need to make sure no woman and family gets left behind. We must envision a nation where every woman facing an unplanned, crisis pregnancy knows that there is a place that she can turn to for help. We must make abortion unthinkable, and that starts with a vision.

3) Seek Social Justice

No woman ever enters an abortion facility excited for her abortion. She is often crying when she enters and crying when she exits. Abortion never solves the heart of the problem; it simply covers it up. Just look at the lawsuits against Planned Parenthood in Ohio from the underage woman who was a victim of incest and taken to Planned Parenthood for abortion, and they never reported it. Abortion simply covered up her rapist's crime and allowed the abuse to continue.

We need to ask ourselves: How can we seek social justice for those women and men facing unplanned, crisis pregnancies?

4) Shine the Light

It's time to expose Planned Parenthood for what they really are: the nation's abortion Goliath. Ever hear that tired argument about how if we just give more money to Planned Parenthood, they will reduce abortion by providing more contraception? Well, Planned Parenthood's Annual Report released just 2 weeks ago, proves how wrong that argument is. Despite receiving a record $542 million in taxpayer funds, their abortions increased to an all-time high of 333,964 last year.

Students for Life's own internal polling of this generation proves that 48% of young people don't even know Planned Parenthood does abortions, but when they find out, their support for the organization drops. It's time for the abortion abolitionist movement to get out of the Washington Beltway to shine the light of truth on Planned Parenthood's business model.

5) Stand Courageously

The election of 2012 showed once again that grassroots matter; just ask Governor Romney. We may not have a lot of money, but truth and passion are on our side. There is a reason why my organization, Students for Life of America, has grown from 181 to over 705 campus organizations in 6 1/2 years and why the number of pro-abortion campus groups continues to fall.

This generation will see abortion abolished in our lifetime, but it won't be easy. The time is now for this generation to mobilize, train, and stand courageously for life.

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