Minnesota’s First-Ever Transgender State House Representative: ‘Let’s. Make. Trouble. Onward!’

Lauren Shank | November 15, 2022 | 10:05am EST
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Transgender Minn. Rep.-Elect Leigh Finke (Screenshot)

(CNS News) – Democrat Leigh Finke made Minnesota history by winning the election for Minnesota’s state House District 66 A. A biological male, Finke is the first openly transgender person ever elected to the state legislature, defeating his Republican opponent, Trace Johnson, with 81% of the vote.

“Many stories will be written about Minnesota’s elections,” Finke tweeted, calling for LGBTQ politicians to make “trouble”:

“One undeniable story is the rise of Queer Political Power. 11 LGBTQ Candidates for the legislature: 11 victories. In those 11 victories are many firsts. Let’s. Make. Trouble. Onward!”

There are currently only eight openly transgender state legislators across the country, according to the Victory Institute, an LGBTQ election advocacy group.

“Leigh made history tonight because she is ready to disrupt the status quo and fight for real change on behalf of her community,” LGBTQ Victory Fund President and CEO Annise Parker said in a statement. “From safeguarding abortion rights to addressing societal inequities, she has a vision for the future that voters are clearly enthusiastic about.”

Parker called Finke’s victory a “rebuke” to those who don’t support the transgender agenda:

“Her win is a clear and deafening rebuke to the transphobia currently sweeping our communities and her success will inspire other trans people to step up and run. When our rights are on the ballot, we cannot stay silent. Leigh proves we must continue running for office in record numbers because when we run, we win.”

“As a woman,” he’s afraid he might lose his right to have an abortion, Finke says on his campaign website:

“As a woman, I’m worried about a future without reproductive rights. That’s why I’m committed to the fight to protect abortion in Minnesota.”

Additionally, “White supremacy must be named and eliminated wherever it is found,” Finke’s website says.

“People in Minnesota need a lot of help,” Finke said in a public TikTok video on October 29th, in which she claims that the LGBTQ community can’t “be ourselves without being attacked.”

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