Stacey Dash on Gun Control: 'They’re Stopping Good American People from Executing Their Second Amendment Right'

Mark Judge | June 27, 2016 | 2:38pm EDT
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Stacey Dash (AP Photo)

Actress and author Stacey Dash was recently on "Fox and Friends Weekend" to promote her new book, "There Goes My Social Life: From Clueless to Conservative."

Dash was asked about her views on gun control in the wake of the mass shooting in Orlando. The actress expressed strong support for the Second Amendment and criticized those calling for gun control:

I think [gun control is] motivated by ignorance, you know, and the fact that they just don’t want us to have our Second Amendment right. But if you think about it, Paris has banned guns, did it stop them from killing 129 people? Brussels - did it stop them? No. San Bernardino - the weapon that was used was banned, it didn’t stop him from using them. What people don’t understand is that when they do things like this they’re stopping good American people from executing their Second Amendment right of protecting themselves and they’re making us a moving target. Because Bad guys don’t obey laws, so why pass more laws?  You’re only stopping good guys from getting guns.

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