Disney Channel to Debut First Bisexual Character in a TV Series

Melanie Arter | August 17, 2020 | 11:46am EDT
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Luz Noceda featured on Disney's "Owl House" (Screenshot)
Luz Noceda featured on Disney's "Owl House" (Screenshot)

The Disney Channel has confirmed that its “The Owl House” series will feature the first bisexual character to debut on a television series.

The series’ creator, Dana Terrace, said that the decision to add an LGBTQ+ character was not supported by “certain Disney leadership” at first.

“I was very open about my intention to put queer kids in the main cast. I'm a horrible liar so sneaking it in would've been hard," Terrace tweeted.


“When we were greenlit I was told by certain Disney leadership that I could NOT represent any form of bi or gay relationship on the Channel,” she added.

“I'm bi! I want to write a bi character, dammit! Luckily my stubbornness paid off and now I am VERY supported by current Disney leadership,” Terrace tweeted.


The character, 14-year-old Dominican-American girl, Luz Noceda, is not Disney’s first LGBTQ+ character, CNN reports.

Pixar’s short film “Out” features a main character who is gay. The film revolves around a man named Greg who is afraid to tell his parents he’s gay and worried they will see a picture of him and his boyfriend when they help him move.

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