Concerned Local Blasts Violent Protesters in Baltimore: ‘This Is Not How You Stage a Protest’

By Michael Morris | April 28, 2015 | 11:37am EDT

A Baltimore resident, interviewed by ABC 7 News, spoke out against the ongoing violence in and around his neighborhood saying, “... this is not how you stage a protest.”

An ABC reporter on the scene in Baltimore was asked to interview local residents as a car that was set on fire by protesters burned in the background.

“I would love to hear from more of the people who are either, the residents who live in those homes or the people who are walking up and down the streets who actually live there,” said one of the reporters not on the scene. “I would like to hear what they’re saying and what they’re thinking about what they’re seeing here."

“Sure. Sure, sure. Absolutely. Actually these, this is tech … ,” said the on-scene reporter, who was then interrupted by a concerned Baltimore local.

“This is my block. This is my neighborhood,” said a concerned resident. “I’ve been here for 15 years, and there’s a car set on fire at the top of my block.”

“You see everybody standing out here,” said the resident. “These are homeowners. These are not renters. These are not section 8 people. These are homeowners. This is our neighborhood. This is our block. I understand yeah, somebody got, somebody died due to police hands, but this is not how you stage a protest.”

Another resident then interrupted the man being interviewed, “**** the police.”

The concerned resident being interviewed turned and replied, “But that’s not right though. That ain’t right though. If we **** the police, but that’s on our block though bra.”

“Now we destroying our homes,” the resident continued. “Now we destroying our community. For what? For what? If you want to protest, if you want to make a voice, if you want to stand up, do it the right way. Get your local legislators. Get your religious leaders, and let’s sit down and talk about this. I just was stuck down there in a blockade, and I come home to my block and it’s a car set on fire at the top of my block. This is not the right way to do this. We have to come to our senses now.”

“What if somebody’s kid was in that car?” asked the resident. “Somebody’s mother? Not only Freddy Gray is gone, but now somebody’s mother’s gone.”

“And at the end of the day now, somebody’s without a vehicle,” said the resident. “They probably end up losing their job because of that. This needs to be more peaceful. This is not the right way to do this. If there was a more civilized way we need to find out right now. Tonight we need to have this handled. That’s not right!”

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