Egyptian TV Personality Calls for Netanyahu to Bomb Iran

Michael Morris | April 13, 2015 | 3:49pm EDT
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Amid the Iranian nuclear talks, Egyptian TV personality Tawfik Okasha, called on “our dear friend” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to bomb Iran.

This call comes as Prime Minister Netanyahu has, according to CBN News, “continued to raise the red flag over the Iranian nuclear deal this weekend, while getting some unexpected support from a neighbor."

“In the last few days, Iran has shown again why it can’t be trusted," said Netanyahu.

Meanwhile, Tawfik Okasha suggested that Israeli Prime Minister take out the Bushehr Nuclear Reactor in Iran.

“Please – Iran faces you, and the Bushehr reactor faces you,” pleaded Okasha. “Put your trust in God and bomb it.

“We are with you. And if you need fuel for the jets, we will give it to you.”

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