Mark Levin: Indiana RFRA ‘Has Nothing to Do with Gays’

By Michael Morris | April 1, 2015 | 5:15pm EDT

Governor Mike Pence, R-Ind., at RFRA's signing. (Photo Courtesy of Pence's Office and The Heritage Foundation)

Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin slammed the media and so-called journalists for spreading “disinformation” and “propaganda” regarding Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) stating it “has nothing to do with gays.”

“You wanna know why I’m a big fan of the Indiana law, even though they’re going to change it, and the 19 other laws across this country and the Federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act, ‘cause that’s the name of it?” questioned Levin. “Because it’s about civil liberties. It’s about civil rights. It’s about tolerance, not the opposite.”

“You’re being fed so much disinformation, so much propaganda by the media, by left-wing kooks, who dress up as journalists, or just plain, stupid people, who pretend to be journalists,” said Levin. “They don’t even understand, or if they do they’re diabolical, what they’re saying.”

Levin went on stating, “There’s a reason why Chuck Schumer introduced this bill in the House of Representatives, as the key sponsor; there’s a reason why Ted Kennedy introduced the same bill in the Senate, as the key sponsor; it was approved by voice vote in the House in 1993, and 97 to three in the United States Senate; there’s a reason why 19 states, including Connecticut, passed Religious Freedom Restoration Acts; and there’s a reason why Indiana passed it, and every state should pass it.”

“It has absolutely nothing to do with discrimination against anybody,” declared Levin authoritatively, “including gays. Zero.”

“The hard Left uses every occasion, every opportunity, to lie, to cheat, to deceive, to misrepresent, and this is one of those examples,” explained Levin. “And if you stick with me, you’re going to understand this. I’m going to put it in plain English.”

“First, I have a question for the Left and the media, same thing,” paused Levin. “How does the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana discriminate against gays? I’ve been watching this all, two, three, four days now. How does this discriminate against gays?”

Levin answered, “It doesn’t discriminate against gays at all.”

“Here’s the simple truth,” stated Levin. “These statutes, including Indiana’s statute, which they are now going to change to some extent, all they do is give standing to an individual, depending on the statute, maybe a small business, a bakery what-have-you, maybe a company – depending on how the statutes written – gives them standing to go into federal court to challenge, to challenge, a service or product that is being demanded from them that may interfere with their religious beliefs or to prevent interference with their religious beliefs.”

“It’s not specific to gays,” said Levin. “It’s not specific to anyone or anything.”

“In fact, these laws came into existence well before Barack Obama turned around on a dime and supported same-sex marriage, when he ran the first time for president against it,” recalled Levin.

“It gives a legal cause of action,” Levin continued, “and a legal defense, depending on which side of the cause of action you’re on. If you can demonstrate that, based on your religious beliefs, again, depending on the statute, what the government is demanding of you or from you or what a private party is demanding of you or from you violates your long-held religious beliefs.”

Levin went on, “As a matter of fact, the Indiana law said ‘substantially burdens.’ So you can’t just say, ‘That burdens my belief because I’m an Orthodox Jew, I’m a Muslim, I’m a practicing Cath’. No, you’ve got to show that this somehow ‘substantially’ interferes with your belief, with your exercise of your free right to your religious belief. That’s quite a high bar. In other words, this is the bear minimum, and you still have to go into court. And the court still has to rule.”

“So, I wanna know,” Levin chidingly asked, “how does this law that Indiana wrote—and then you’ve got people, ‘Well it’s different than the federal law.’—not different in any significant way.”

“‘Well, it involves companies and business,’ said Levin mimicking RFRA opponents. “So what!”

“If I own a small business,” continued Levin, “yes, so I and my business sue or defend, and it gives us a cause of action. Still has to be adjudicated. You still have to prove your case. Has nothing to do with gays – unless there’s a specific instance.”

“So, the question is, how does this legalize discrimination against gays?” asked Levin. “How does this legalize discrimination against gays, when it gives causes of action, depending on whether you’re the plaintiff or the defendant, what kind of cause of action that you still have to take to court, or a defense that you still have to use in court? How does that discriminate against gays?” And how is it anything like Jim Crow?”

“You know, the black community should be up in arms with these comparisons,” said Levin.

“These laws, these Religious Freedom Restoration Act laws, pushed by Schumer, pushed by Kennedy, signed by Clinton, supported by Obama, they don’t discriminate against anybody,” declared Levin. “They are aimed at insuring that the civil liberties, that the civil rights, that the religious liberties of certain individual – that they can have their day in court. That’s it!”

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