Tim Tebow Critic Stephen A. Smith: Tim Tebow Will Make the Team

By Michael Morris | August 31, 2015 | 11:35am EDT

Featured commentator on ESPN2’s First Take Stephen A. Smith predicts that Tim Tebow will make the Philadelphia Eagle’s team.

Stephen A. Smith has been critical of Tim Tebow’s ability to throw in the past. Stephen A. Smith once wrote: “Tebow simply cannot throw the football.” Despite that, Stephen A. Smith is now also predicting that Tebow will be able to make a contribution in Chip Kelly’s system with the Eagles.

Here is a transcript of what Stephen A. Smith had to say about Tebow:

“I’m also predicting that Tim Tebow’s going to make the team. I’m also predicting that Tim Tebow is going to come in there; the read option will be used with him; and I believe that Tim Tebow will find a way to make a contribution in Chip Kelly’s system as well.”

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