UC Davis Jewish Frat Targeted with Swastikas – Another Example in Rise of Anti-Semitism

By Michael Morris | February 2, 2015 | 4:43pm EST

A swastika was found spray painted on the side of Alpha Epsiolon Pi fraternity house off campus at UC Davis. (Photo Courtesy of Brian Nguyen/Sacramento Bee)

In what can only be described as a vile hate crime, two swastikas were found spray painted onto the wall and at the door step of Alpha Epsilon Pi, a Jewish fraternity at UC Davis, on January 31, 2015.

According to the Sacremento Bee, “Nathaniel Bernhard, vice president of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity, said the vandalism took place between 3 and 9 a.m. Saturday.” He then condemned the hate crime – suggesting that the crime threatened to rekindle racial tensions at UC Davis.

The Facebook page of StandWithUs, a non-profit supporter of Israel, reports that just two days prior on January 29, 2015 “the boycott Israel (BDS) movement passed in the student government at UC Davis.”

“Then UC Davis student senators publicly called for Sharia law and the downfall of Israel,” reads the caption above the same photo posted on the StandWithUs Facebook page. “This is not a coincidence.”

According to The Jewish Daily Forward, a vote of eight to two with two abstentions, the Associated Students of UC Davis, a student government entity on campus, passed an advisory resolution calling “on the University of California to divest from ‘corporations that aid in the Israeli occupation of Palestine and illegals settlements in Palestinian territories,’ the California Aggie student newspaper reported.”

“A similar resolution failed to pass the student senate at UC Davis last May,” says The Jewish Daily Forward. “Davis now joins UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego, UC Santa Cruz, UC Irvine and UC Riverside in having passed resolutions supporting the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.”

According to San Francisco CBS Local KPIX, UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi was quick to condemn the hateful act on Saturday calling “the behavior ‘repugnant and a gross violation of the values our university holds dear.’”

But incidents like this are spreading across University of California campuses, according to Barry Broad, president of the Jewish Federation of Sacramento,” reports local news

“Jewish community leaders,” reports, “cited the incident as another example in the rise of anti-Semitism worldwide – including the recent killing of Jewish shoppers at a kosher market in Paris, along with the killing of four Jews at a museum last year in Brussels.”

Let’s call this what it is – evil, and as StandWithUs says at the end of its captioned Facebook photo: “Enough is enough.”

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