DiGenova: Comey and Brennan 'Are The Coup Leaders' and 'Obama Knew All About This'

By Michael W. Chapman | January 2, 2020 | 11:55am EST
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Commenting on the corruption at the Justice Department and the FBI in 2016, former U.S. Attorney Joe diGenova said that then-President Barack Obama "knew all about" the FBI's spying on the Trump campaign and "was more than happy" to violate Americans' civil rights "so he could get Donald Trump."

DiGenova added that the two leaders of the coup to oust Trump are former FBI Director James Comey and former CIA Director John Brennan. 

“People do not have the beginning of an understanding of the role that John Brennan played in this," said diGenova during a Dec. 31 interview with the One America News Network.  "He is a monstrously important person and I underscore monstrously important person. He has done more damage to the Central Intelligence Agency. It’s equal to what James Comey has done to the FBI."

When asked whether people responsible for the spying on the Trump campaign should go to jail, diGenova, a former Special Counsel, said, “People should go to jail for the Carter Page stuff, for lying on the FISA warrants, on misleading the FISA courts, submitting false documents to the FISA courts. Those are all felonious acts."

"For me, what matters is accountability at this point," said diGenova. "You have two institutions that are vital to American freedom — the FBI and the Justice Department. They were completely corrupted under two attorneys general, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch with the authority and knowledge of the then-president of the United States, Barack Obama."

DiGenova then noted that former National Security Advisor Susan Rice had written an email on Jan. 20 -- the day of Trump's inauguration -- "memorializing that there had been a meeting on Jan. 5 with the president of the United States and all senior law enforcement and intelligence officials" where Obama had claimed that the spying on Trump was done by the book and justified. 

President Barack Obama and CIA Director John Brennan. (Getty Images)
President Barack Obama and CIA Director John Brennan. (Getty Images)

"I want to thank Susan Rice for being so stupid and so arrogant to write that email on Jan. 20," said diGenova, "because that is Exhibit A that Barack Obama knew all about this from start to finish, and was more than happy to have the civil rights of massive numbers of Americans violated so he could get Donald Trump.”

“This was not hard," to understand, he said. "If you’re a good prosecutor, you look at the facts in the Trump case, and the Page case, the Flynn case – there’s only one conclusion you can come to. None of this makes any sense. None of these people were evil, none of them. They were framed and the whole process was playing out."

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"You knew it on July 5, 2016 when James Comey announced, usurping the functions of the attorney general, that no reasonable prosecutor would bring  a case against Hillary Clinton," said diGenova, who prosecuted Jonathan Pollard for spying for Israel.

"That was ludicrous," he said.  "She destroyed 33,000 emails that were under subpoena. If you or I did that we would be in prison today. She got a break because she was Hillary Clinton and James Comey was trying to kiss her fanny because he wanted something from her when she became president of the United States."

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(Getty Images)

“All of these people who watched that news conference and didn’t think that was a disgrace for the FBI, and then subsequently watch all this stuff involving Trump and Page and Papadopoulos and Michael Flynn and couldn’t see that the corrupt investigative process of the FBI and the DOJ was being used to basically conduct a coup d’etat -- I mean, you have to be an idiot," said diGenova.

“Any first-year assistant U.S. attorney would look at all these facts and say there’s a coup underway, there’s a conspiracy," he said.  "But for those of us who thought that, The Washington Post, The New York Times [suggested] we were conspiracy theorists. You know what? Pretty damn good theory it appears today.”

The One America News Network then asked diGenova about the actions taken by John Brennan, who was the CIA director under Obama.

DiGenova said, "There’s no doubt that John Brennan was the primogenitor of the entire counterintelligence investigation. It was John Brennan who went to James Comey and basically pummeled him into starting a counterintelligence investigation against Trump."

"Brennan’s at the heart of this," he said. 

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(Getty Images)

“People do not have the beginning of an understanding of the role that John Brennan played in this," added diGenova. "He is a monstrously important person and I underscore monstrously important person. He has done more damage to the Central Intelligence Agency. It’s equal to what James Comey has done to the FBI.”

“It’s pretty clear that James Comey will go down in history as the single worst FBI director in history," said diGenova. "He and John Brennan are the coup leaders.”

DiGenova is a founding partner of the law firm diGenova & Toensing, LLP. He is a a former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, former Chief Counsel and Staff Director of the U.S. Senate Rules Committee, former Independent Counsel, and former Special Counsel to the U.S. House of Representatives.

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