Indonesian Psychiatric Association: Gays Have ‘Psychiatric Problems,’ Trans Have ‘Mental Disorders’

By Michael W. Chapman | March 18, 2016 | 5:16pm EDT

(AP photo.) 

The Indonesian Psychiatric Association (IPA) has officially announced that homosexuals and bisexuals are “people with psychiatric problems,” and that transgender people have “mental disorders,” conditions that can be treated.

The announcement was reported in several media outlets, including The Jakarta Post, The Guardian, and The Christian Post.

The IPA said that “people with homosexuality and bisexuality can be categorized as people with mental problems,” as reported in The Guardian. The group added that gays suffer from “physical, mental, and social problems, growth and development, and/or life-quality problems, thus giving them risks to experience mental disorders.”

Transgender people “can be categorized as persons with mental disorders,” said the IPA, which “may cause suffering and obstacles in functioning as a human being.”

IPA member Suzy Yusna Dewi said of homosexuals and transgenders, “We really do care about them,” as reported in The Jakarta Post. “What we are worried about is, if left untreated, such sexual tendencies could become a commonly accepted condition in society.”

Suzy also drew a parallel between these sexual problems and drug addiction. “Without constant intervention, a person can easily return to their previous sexual tendency once he or she experiences withdrawal.”

(AP photo.) 

She also said, “We must respect Indonesian traditions, which culturally do not accept same-sex marriage, and we should not bow to the influence of foreign values that may not fit in with our values.”

It was further reported in The Guardian that the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission is encouraging TV and radio stations not to run programming that depicts homosexuality as normal.

In addition, the Indonesian Child Protection Commission said,  “We reject any LGBT campaigns or propaganda because it goes against our regulations that promote child protection,” reported The Guardian. “The commission demands that the government protect our children from deviant sexual orientation.” 

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