Liberal Alec Baldwin: 'I Think Capitalism is Worthwhile'

Michael W. Chapman | October 19, 2011 | 6:25pm EDT
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Alec Baldwin (AP Photo)

While mingling with protestors at the Occupy Wall Street demonstration in lower Manhattan, actor and outspoken liberal Alec Baldwin explained the importance to consumers of entrepreneur Steve Jobs and added, "I think capitalism is worthwhile."

At the event, Baldwin was approached by "Wearechange," a "grassroots peace and social justice movement," which asked him about abolishing the Federal Reserve.  Baldwin said he did not know whether that would be a negative or a positive but said, "You have to have capital markets in this country."

"You cannot not have strong capital markets in this country or the country is going to go down the tubes," he said. "I think most people want change in this country but they don't want the country to go down the tubes. They don't want the country to become England."

Baldwin then gave the example of Apple computer founder Steve Jobs, who studied the large IBM computers and decided to work on making a computer much smaller and that would fit on a person's lap.

"I think that's important," said Baldwin. "I think capitalism is worthwhile. And capitalism demands the flow of money. So, I think we need to have that. ... I do not want capital markets dismantled."

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